Based in Philly for the last 2 decades my experience includes a wide range of musical outlets:

As a PERFORMER I have contributed to many of tPhiladelphia most important creative music ensembles. I have spent a decade working with Odean Pope's Saxophone Choir, Bobby Zankel's Warriors of the Wonderful Sound and the avant rock band Agent Moosehead. Additionally I have contributed to Keith DiStefano's Puzzlebox, Larry Toft's Life Nektar, Sonic Liberation 8. I have worked in clubs and cocktail hours playing jazz, blues, rock, reggae and latin musics. I have been blessed to perform with musicians like Billy Harper, James Carter, Dave Burrell, Steve Coleman, Ravi Coltrane, Dave Liebman, Rudresh Mahanthapah, Muhal Richard Abrams, Herb Robertson, Matt Mitchell, Marty Erhlich, DeVonne Gardner and The Montgomery County Community Choir.

As a COMPOSER/BAND LEADER I have lead 3 ensembles: Truth & Consequence, The Bottomfeeders and Fraternity of Void. I have been awarded multiple grants for compositions and events, and have released five albums of original music. Additionally I have composed an original score for the Tennessee Williams play Vieux Carre, performed by the Ego Po theater company.

As a PROMOTER I developed and ran the Collective Voices Festival for 4 years, a original creative music concert event featuring Philadelphia musicians. I was a member of Risk Taking Type Music which presented monthly concerts from 2001-2003. I collaborated with Larry Toft presenting the Avant Ascension concert series presenting monthly concerts and free improvisation jam sessions from 2007-2009.

As an IMPROVISOR I have been involved with several projects. I collaborated with Toshi Makihara on an improvised score to Leah Stein’s dance performance piece “The Gate" at the Eastern State Penitentiary. I have participated in versions of John Zorn’s “Cobra" and many other creative improvisational contexts.

As an EDUCATOR I have taught private lessons for over 25 years. I have taught classroom music at a parochial and an inter parochial school and spent almost a decade teaching at Settlement Music School. My primary instruments are Woodwinds, my secondary instruments are piano, guitar, drums and I have taught basic violin & trumpet. I have taught classroom music theory, jazz studies, improvisation, history and compositions.

My own EDUCATION includes a Masters Degree in Jazz History & Research, from Rutgers University, Newark; and a Bachelors Degree in Jazz Performance, Saxophone from Temple University. I have studied with Lewis Porter, Henry Martin, Ben Schachter, Terrel Stafford and Bruce Barth at those Universities and privately with Odean Pope, Steve Giordano and Raki Peebles III.

As a RESEARCHER I wrote the thesis “A Chronology of Long Form Compositions in Jazz" at Rutgers University, in 2015. In this thesis I created a timeline, and a discography, of over 500 jazz long form compositions and analyzed several pieces and composers more deeply. I have over the years been involved in historical REPERTOIRE including contemporary versions of John Coltrane’s “Love Supreme’ and “Kulu Se Mama"; Mary Lou Williams’s “Zodiac Suite", Bill Barron’s “Modern Windows Suite" and saxophone ensemble versions of Thelonious Monk, Julius Hemphill and Ragtime/Early Blues compositions. In addition I have had the opportunity to work on contemporary new works with jazz masters like Steve Coleman, Rudresh Mahanthapah and Muhal Richard Abrams.

My RECORDINGS include 2001 “The Mythic Belief" featuring Odean Pope; 2006 “5 Simple Worlds & Ways of Getting There"; 2010 The Bottomfeeders, “It’s an Uphill Climb to the Bottom"; 2011, “October" and an unreleased recording of my sextet arrangement of Mary Lou Williams’s “Zodiac Suite". In addition I have recorded with Bobby Zankel’s Warriors of the Wonderful Sound, Agent Moosehead, Odean Pope, Puzzlebox, DJ Philip Charles, Jeff Schwachter and Dustin Mallory.

" Peterson will summon a wealth of textural subtlety, rhythmic juice, bluesy bite and formal adventurism" Adler, Philadelphia Weekly, Jan 2011
"The Augmented Fourthtet followed Mays at Chris’ on 4/24. The collective includes two members of trumpeter Herb Robertson’s band - bassist Dave Kaczorowski and drummer Adrian Valosin, along with local saxophonist wunderkind Dan Peterson and electric guitarist Ed Ricart. The superb group of natural improvisers bumped the tradition, performing a number of Kaczorowski originals including “Action," which bled into a tail of “The Tenderness of Your Touch," “Apollo’s Theme" , Peterson’s spring-loaded solo on Ayler‘s “Ghosts" was hot" Ken Weiss, Cadence, June 2010

"The album is joyous, engaging and inspiring. Peterson is a consummate composer, and his 10 piece group plays the complex and dense arrangements with aplomb. But despite its myriad harmonies, melodies and chord progressions, its also a very visceral, emotional album, able to be appreciated by the master artist and lay fan alike." Katherine Silkaitis, Philadelphia Weekly, May, 2009

"the evocative blend of jazz freedom with pop melodicism was fully evident. At times the result brought to mind Elephant 6 re-imaginings of the Ornette Coleman songbook." Shaun Brady, Philadelphia City Paper, June 2007

"Taken as a whole, this is a rewarding disc, one which can sit proudly in the Philly Jazz lineage" Larry Na, (on The Mythic Belief) Cadence, Feb. 2004
"Peterson emerges as a booting tenor voice, with a rich tone" Larry Na, Cadence, Feb. 2004
""Light Dims & Drains Away" reveals a chamber-like intimacy to Peterson's compositional skills that makes one want to hear more," Larry Na, Cadence, Feb.2004

"Always a sucker for good reedwork, I was consistently thrilled by the playing of Dan Peterson, an unmistakably advanced player in control of the rare tall and skinny beast that is a contra-alto clarinet."Michael Anton Parker, Bagatellan, Dec. 2005

"A word to anyone who has ever complained about Philly's lack of initiative or vision: See these concerts or forever hold your peace." Nate Chinen, Philadelphia City Paper (On the Collective Voices Festival), Aug. 2001